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Choosing the right type and design of Pool Cover is more important than you would initially think!

Roll easy swimming pool cover    Roll over swimming pool cover

Obviously, design is important, but you can also save a substantial amount of money if you chose the right type of Cover for your Pools Environment.

Over 70% of Heat Loss is lost via evaporation, using the correct type of Pool Cover will allow a recuperation of around 98% - which is a massive saving to anyone.

The majority of people we visit have one thing in common, they have either been misadvised and purchased the wrong product for their Pool Environment and Pool Usage; or they have purchased a product that does not fit correctly and therefore heat loss is still occurring.

We supply and fit a wide range of Pool Covers, for both Indoor and Outdoor Pools Environments and for both Domestic and Commercial Application, from the basic Solar Heat Retention Covers through to Fully Automatic Safety Covers.

Please see below for some brief information:

Solar Bubble Covers


Our Solar Cover Range are manufactured from the highest quality materials and have all been tested thoroughly and proven as trustworthy and reliable.

Swimming Pool Solar Covers    Swimming Pool Solar Covers and Guard

Our vast selection of Solar Gain Covers range from good entry-level Solar Gain Covers and Heat Reflecting Covers: which have a Silver or Gold underside to aid further heat retention, through to UV Heat Retention Covers for a higher level of heat gain and reinforced materials for Covers which get handled more frequently.

Heat Reflecting covers - how they work
The sun's heat rays will pass through the solar cover into the pool water, but will then be reflected back into the pool by the metallic gold or silver coloured underside of the cover, creating more heat retention than the conventional solar covers. See below for diagram.

Heat Reflecting Swimming Pool covers

Solar Covers are a good ‘entry level’ Pool Cover.

Solar Covers are designed to attract the heat from the sunrays, absorb the heat into the Pool water and then the heat is retained in the Pool water, please bear in mind that these types of Solar Cover are not designed to keep debris out.

Available in different material densities, and varying types of reflective material – dependant on how much heat you wish to attract and absorb.

Geo-Bubble Covers

The Geo-Bubble Cover is a new design of Bubble Cover, much more robust.

The actual ‘shape of the bubble’ has been re-designed, allowing for a stronger shape which stands up to the harsh environment of a Swimming Pool – basically these Covers have been scientifically designed with increased strength to UV Damage and increased resistance to Chemical Usage.

These covers have taken off worldwide with excellent feedback.

Swimming Pool Geo Bubble Solar covers Swimming Pool Geo Bubble Solar covers

Again, these are not designed to keep debris out of a Pool, as with a Bubble Cover, but are very good at attracting heat and absorbing the heat in the Pool water.


We offer Heat Retention Covers which are made from heavy duty closed cell polyethylene foam.

In comparison to the Solar Gain Cover Range, these Heat Retention Covers give a much larger saving on fuel bills, due to the larger reduction in heat loss from the surface of the pool.

The Heat Retention Cover Range is particularly popular with any Semi or Fully Commercial Site Pool or Spa Sites, including Schools.

Additionally, these Covers are also a favourite for any Customer with a Domestic Pool that is looking to save on their fuel bills or is environmentally conscious.

Foam Covers are suited to Indoor Swimming Pools; these types of Covers are the next level up from the Bubble Design Covers.

Foam Covers retain heat to a much higher standard; the foam is very dense and therefore very insulated. As Foam Covers are notably denser, this means that these Foam Covers are heavier than the normal Solar Covers, this helps the Cover to stay in its position, which means the risk of 'Heat Escape' is substantially reduced.

Foam Covers do not work like a Solar Cover, unlike a Solar Cover, Foam Covers do not attract, absorb, and retain heat from sunrays. Foam Covers are purely designed to ‘Retain Heat’ – hence these are often listed as ‘Heat Retentive Covers’.

As Foam Covers are much denser and the perfect insulator, this makes the Covers much heavier, so most people use a Reel System, Manual or Automatic.

The Heat Retention Cover Range should not be used with a temperature above 40oC (104°F).


A Winter Debris Covers main purpose is to keep as much debris out as possible.

Swimming Pool Winter Debris Covers

At Nigel Lake Swimming Pools we offer reliable and proven Winter Debris Covers, the range we have available are all manufactured from top quality UV stabilised Polyethylene fabric, to give added security.

The covers, are attractive in appearance, and designed to stop autumn and winter debris falling into the pool.

These covers are stitched using our Manufactures three needle sewing machines to give extreme strength, durability and long life.

Winter Debris covers for Swimming PoolsAll of the fabric covers are fitted with protective UPVC webbing strips and UPVC corner pads, which is where the cover straps would come in contact with the Pool Coping Stones. All tension springs and “P” pin hardware are made from high quality stainless steel.

Through our experience, we have found that this design of Winter Debris Cover to be without fault.

We have never experienced any material tears – as due to the Cover having full criss-cross the tension of the Cover is carried directly from end to end of the Cover.

FULLY AUTOMATIC COVERS (More info to come soon)

SAFETY COVERS (More info to come soon)

Swimming Pool Solar Covers ~ Swimming Pool Geo-Bubble Covers ~ Swimming Pool Foam Covers ~ Swimming Pool Winter Debris Covers

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