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Swimming pool servicing Norfolk ~ Service contracts Norwich


We offer a complete range of varying Service Contracts including:
- Weekly
- Fortnightly
- Monthly
- Summarise Procedure Visit
- Winterise Procedure Visit

This can vary from dependant on the purpose, please see below for what a Visit can entail:

We complete Summerise Visits and Winterise Visits on all Outdoor Pools – again if the correct procedures are carried out at the time, this helps to avoid the expensive repair work. We aim to book in all of our Summerise and Winterise Visits in advance of the Season commencing, this avoids any Customers disappointment as we do get booked up very quickly.
- Commissioning of Swimming Pools
- Decommissioning of Swimming Pools
- Servicing of Automated Equipment, such as Chemical Dosing Systems.
- Water Balance Testing
- Filtration Checks
- Preventative Maintenance – the more regularly the equipment and the Pool is serviced the more unlikely it is that equipment needs to be replaced, which of course avoids those higher bills.

We offer Specialist work as part of our services, this encompasses a wide range of Swimming Pool Repair Work.

- Pool Leak Detection work
- Plant Room Leak Detection
- Pool Equipment not working to its normal capacity
- Water Chemistry problems, ie signs of corrosive or scale formation

This names just a few Repair Situations, no matter what the problem may be, we have the proficiency to carry out almost every type of Swimming Pool Repair.

We provide our Engineering Services throughout the region of East Anglia, and are able to solve the large majority of Breakdown scenarios.

We constantly replenish our Stock levels with the most common Equipment and Fittings used within the Swimming Pool Industry, which enables us to provide the level of service that we offer, and allows us to quickly and successfully provide a positive outcome.

We are experienced in all elements of Swimming Pool Refurbishment including:

Liner Installation
Coping Stones and Paving Work
Installation of new Pool Fittings and Pipework
Re-design of Plant Room.

We have a wide range of available Liner Designs and an excellent choice of Swimming Pool specialist Coping Stones, our Customers have found that changing either their Pools Liner or updating the Coping Stones or Paving has made their Pool area look brand new!

We also do have a good portfolio and relevant Brochures for our Clients to browse through to stimulate ideas.

We offer a Consultancy Service to our Customers, and are used to working with and alongside Architects and Contractors to assist or advise on the best way to build a Customers or Clients Wet Leisure Facilities.

The main aim of our Consultancy Service being to ensure that the end result is not only safe and trouble-free but also to ensure that the result is as dreamt.

We offer everything from advisory services on the build of a Swimming Pool through to working alongside Customers Contractors, where we usually complete all the technical specialist work on Contract, which is where our expertise come in.

Swimming pool servicing Norfolk ~ Service contracts Norwich

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